Carla Herrera-Prats
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Individual Projects
Transactions #3 (Some Statistics)

Remesas, Sending Money Back, Archive
Remesas, Sending Money Back, 91355
Remesas, Sending Money Back, 90755
Remesas, Sending Money Back, 12534

Official Stories

Utopia 2005 - to present

Measures of an Archive

Como un cerillo

Prep Materials

Let the Word Vanishing Until the End

Localization, Location, Ubicación

Golden Birds

El ejemplo de La Bruyére

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Projects in Collaboration
East First Street
with Dee Williams

Biblioteca ENPEG
with Dee Williams

Metepec, Estado de México
with Dee Williams

The Burden of Decision:
Two Exercises on Collaboration

with Úrsula Dávila

Lee, Massachusetts
with Marina Pinsky

I overheard two people striking up a
conversation about the injustice
of working together

with Tyler Rowland

Camel Collective